Public Engagement

SLaM Project

Our Study of Math and Language (SLAM) Project looks at how language and number development are related. We are always looking for more kids for our project! If you’re interested, please visit our SLAM Website for more information and online participant forms. You can also contact us at or through videophone at 860-288-5332. Thank you!

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Manos Unidas

Manos Unidas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Dr. Coppola, who serves as its Executive Director. The mission of Manos Unidas is to ensure equal access to educational and vocational opportunities for Deaf children and young adults by providing access to sign language, Spanish literacy and real-life job skills so they can become contributing members of the Deaf community. The organization works to provide student scholarships for Deaf children, community outreach for Deaf families, assistance in the provision of interpreters, and support for the development of Deaf educators in Nicaragua.
To donate or learn more, visit the Manos Unidas website!

Click here to to hear a radio interview (in English) on Chicago Public Radio with Dr. Marie Coppola


Bringing research to the public

Our lab is also dedicated to communicating our research to a wider audience. Check back here periodically to learn about our efforts to bring science out of the lab and into the world.

In this video, graduate student Russell Richie describes his project on how new language communities invent words, and how their social network influences this process.

And in this video, graduate student Deanna Gagne describes our general research program of looking at Deaf individuals who have not been exposed to established spoken or signed languages.

Sumptuous Silence: A Radio Interview on the Colin McEnroe Show

Dr. Marie Coppola’s work and research was featured in an hour-long radio interview, “Sumptuous Silence,” on The Colin McEnroe Show. The conversation explored questions related to language, Deafness, and communication. Listen to the program or read an article about the show here.

Photo by Chion Wolf in the article “Sumptuous Silence” by Betsy Kaplan, Colin McEnroe, and Chion Wolf